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The 10 Hottest Women Born in December

ivana January 18, 2011 Comments Off on The 10 Hottest Women Born in December

After six months of doing this column, I finally found a month that is extremely anti-climactic when it comes to hot women. Or I should say, these days it’s a yawn fest. Meaning, if this list were being put out in December of 2000 or the late 1990s, it would be full of babes in their prime. Instead, numerous slots on the list look more like a round up of Hollywood’s aging pumas, cougars, and MILFs. That’s not to say all the hottest chicks born in December are past their prime; there are plenty of young smokes mixed in, I tried my goddamn best to make sure of that. I just happened to take notice, right from the beginning of my search, that many of the women were seasoned. And by that I mean old as fuckin’ shit. And still others might have recently become visually disgraceful or obese (Tyra Banks), but at some point they were all considered hot. Ah well. Take a look for yourself at the hottest women December. You know where you can find it.

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