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Cartoon characters with full pockets and empty hearts

admin September 13, 2009 Comments Off on Cartoon characters with full pockets and empty hearts

These cartoon characters have a lot of money, but always wanted something more. Does this mean that money is not everything in life, or are they just greedy?

Scrooge McDuck

Baja-PatakIncredibly rich, stingy, bright, resourceful, determined and courageous … He is one of the most rich ducks in world, he swims in a pool full of gold coins, the money is patiently saving. He has traveled all over the world looking for gold mines and oil resources. Her first coin that has earned back in 1875th saved as amuled for him and he is the greatest wealth. While the mega-billionaire, wearing threadbare coats and saving lives every day, in addition Scrooge McDuck still enjoys life, has a feeling for the other and sometimes surprising profusion amazing.

Mr. Krabs

keba-krabaMr. Krabs’ defining characteristic is his extreme greed and selfishness. He is extremely cheap, refusing to spend any money for the benefit or well being of anyone else, even his own daughter. On numerous occasions, he has been shown to resort to criminal tactics and labor abuse. Mr. Crabs don’t play when it comes to his money if a penny fall he is on it as a matter of fact he had his first dollar bill framed. Mr .Krabs also has no insurance, life insurance, car insurance, or hospital insurance as revealed in The Lost Mattress because he’s a very, very greedy and cheap man who never likes to spend his money. It pays its workers poorly, and often increases the prices of their products, such as burgers Krabs. Often try to escape without the payment of salaries for its workers.

Mr. Burns

MrBurnsCharles Montgomery Burns is the rich owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is very greedy old man. As owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he has been able to control local elections, manage a championship-winning baseball team, hold a chair on the board of Springfield University and build a contraption large enough to block out the sun and plunge the town into complete darkness. More misunderstood than evil, Mr. Burns may possess unparalleled power in Springfield, but he can barely lift a baseball bat. Mr Burns is in very poor health. He uses various life extending techniques to keep him alive. Physically, he is as helpless as a little baby. Mr. Burns can be very evil. His Power Plant pollutes the town and he regulary bribes inspectors. He doen’t have any morals, and will do anything to earn a buck. His hobbies include money fights with his assistant, Waylon Smithers, cultivating a wardrobe made entirely of innocent animals’ pelts and courting some of Springfield’s most eligible seniors like Jacqueline Bouvier.

Cruella de vil

cruella-de-vil-b-webCruella De Vil is the villainess of One Hundred and One Dalmatians. She is rich and cruel lady. Although it is very rich and can have all you desire, her life wish is to make a fur coat from the skin ninety-nine Dalmatian puppies. Her physical appearance and general manner is evocative of some sort of hellish beast or demon. Her hair, which is black on one side and white on the other; her skintight, black dress, and her enormous mink coat, which swings about her like a cloak. She’ll do whatever she has to do to get those beasts and their coveted coats. And once in her evil hands, those puppies must never leave “Hell Hall” alive. Cruella may live for fur — but the pups, well, she doesn’t give much thought to them.

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