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Gothic Girls In Dark Art

admin January 5, 2009 Comments Off on Gothic Girls In Dark Art

Hello all, I thought it would be good idea to combine two great things. Dark art and gothic girls. What do you get when you combine two of those ?

Have a look…

I can still Feel you here

Gothic girls in black dresses and graveyards are always great combination.
Agony s Tribute

As you can see, the color purple is present to whole picture and it gives it some beauty. It makes it look gothic even more.

Well, model on this picture look very nice. It’s a great pose and all, but I kinda not like the blurry background with those gears and all. Anyway, it’s still a great picture.
Leave Me Alone

Ever had that feeling of blue when you wanted to be left alone? Well this picture does it. It gives that depressive gloomy look with background and that blue color.
The rise of a dark angel

This picture is quite interesting because it looks mystic. As you see there is mostly black color that symbolizes mystic darkness, and that girl, with her face covered just boosts that mystic feeling.
The Raven

Have you ever seen a raven before he spreads his wings and flies away? Well this girl remembers me on it. I mean her posture, the dress, everything resembles to raven. And the color combination is just great. Dark and gloomy, just as raven needs.If you really like it, you can order it, cause there is a print available.
Dark Side Of The Sun

Well this picture offers a great deal of that dark atmosphere that we all like.
Most of the colors here are gray and black, which only contributes to the gloomy atmosphere. And the dying girl just fills the atmosphere. Great work indeed.
dark bringer

Ok, this is the second best picture. I had really trouble making up my mind for this one. This image is perfect, in many different ways…That dark atmosphere mesmerizes. Model is just great, the wings, dress, everything. Twisted dark sky and the crows…I can’t describe it how much I like this one. Anyway, if you like it as much as I there is print available to buy.

And this is the winner! You can see why I had second doubts about this one and last one. Both of pictures are highly professionally made but on the throne there is place for just one picture. This picture is copyrighted, but I asked the author about permission and I’m allowed to post it here. Anyway, my impression is this:
This picture is combined from several different pictures into one great picture. The sky, model, background, even notes in the sky ( I think they are notes) everything fascinates in every form. Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I do.

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