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South Park Characters In Real Life

admin December 3, 2009 Comments Off on South Park Characters In Real Life

The South Park adventures of Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny becomes real life in these great art work portraits. It’s a brilliant art work than you’ve ever seen them in your video screen Normally, cartoon-to-reality makeovers don’t give as fine results, but for these, it’s a real transformation such that you can easily recognize all the characters if you are a real fan of South Park.

The group “humanish” depiction of what the characters of South Park would look like in real life is awesome; especially when the four brats and their parents appear together. In spite of many people out there complaining on how the characters give a picture of spoilt brats, the rendition here is adorable and real. You wouldn’t call these sketches or colors slapped on to make an artistic statement. No, it’s the real South Park gang saying something to the real world.

south park real life 1

south park real life 2

south park real life 3

south park real life 3

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