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Vasyugan Swamp in Russia is the World’s Largest Swamp

admin July 28, 2010 Comments Off on Vasyugan Swamp in Russia is the World’s Largest Swamp

Russia is the largest country in the world, but sometimes we just forget how really large it is. For example, there is a huge swamp, pretty unknown to wider audience, which has bigger surface than the Switzerland.


Vasyugan Swamp is located in western Siberia in Russia and it is considered as world’s largest swamp. It is bigger than the Switzerland, it covers the surface of 53,000 square kilometers.








This swamp is a source of water for a large number of small rivers and it is also used as a water-source for local settlements and towns. This area contains about 800 smaller lakes. But this swamp is not only the biggest. The whole area is a true resource of amazing landscapes. It also contains a large number of endemic species of animals and plants.

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