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Vladimir Central Prison: One Day In Jail

ivana October 22, 2010 Comments Off on Vladimir Central Prison: One Day In Jail

Angry guards, dullness, barbed wire, putrid smell, Zeki with bowed head and eyes “to the floor” and a disturbing silence. Hence you want to run away quickly and never return. The author visited one of the most famous prisons – Vladimir Central.


Now in Central contains about a thousand dangerous criminals – members of the OPG, the killers, killers, maniacs, rapists, thieves. Many of them have more than one conviction. Several people are serving life sentences.
Now the number of prisoners is gradually reduced in vogue suspended sentences.


Where the camera? With camera impossible – just okriknuli us guards.
– So we did the museum, we were allowed.
– I do not know. Museum where? At the prison. A prison with a camera can not be. Had to leave right fotik in the car, so all the illustrations in this feature are taken from the forum “The trap”. Then one of our group guards seized the passport and left. Ten minutes passed. The owner of the selected document began visibly nervous. – Probably, you look like someone from the list “of police searches.” Understand, plan Detention also be performed. But do not worry, we’ll be peredachki wear – we consoled his friend.
As soon as we get closer to the main entrance, the laughter and the jokes become more and more nervous


After passing through the metal detector, locking behind us a few gratings and deprivation at the time of cell phones, which were the last link with the outside world, and is not on its own. Silence, musty smell and some that hangs in the air hopeless – that’s the first thing that surrounds a man who has got the Vladimir Central prison. Gray asphalt, barbed wire, dusty walls – and no one leaflet is not breaking through concrete and stone. There is no place to live, joy and laughter, only survival.










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